Next World Capital

Next World Capital (NWC) is an international early-revenue stage venture capital firm investing in leading enterprise technology companies.  The firm takes a focused, thematic approach with deep expertise in enterprise tech and specialized skills to help companies ramp during this rapid-growth period.  Notably, NWC is the only U.S. VC operating a comprehensive European Expansion Platform with strategy, sales and business development to help its companies access and grow in Europe.  NWC is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in London and Paris.  Our team prides itself on helping our portfolio companies address the challenges and opportunities in building a world-class company.



  • TienTzuo

    With a deep understanding of the software-as-a-service model, Next World Capital has truly partnered with Zuora to execute our vision internationally. The firm has a proven track record working with high-growth companies and provides us with the valuable guidance and strategic expertise we were looking for to capitalize on our rapid expansion in the U.S. and Europe.

    Tien Tzuo, CEO


  • BillyBosworth

    Next World Capital has a deep understanding of our technology and market. Their network, vision and expertise are invaluable to our success as we embark on our worldwide expansion.

    Billy Bosworth, CEO


  • JohnSpiers

    Next World Capital recognized the great potential of our company well before any of the other expansion-stage investors. Their expertise and market knowledge not only gave them better insights upfront, it made them very impactful during our rapid growth. Next World Capital adds value at every stage of the business; from first revenue to sales acceleration to negotiating exits.

    John Spiers, CEO

    NextGen Storage, Acquired by Fusion-io

  • LeslieMuller

    DynamicOps partnered with Next World Capital because of their hands-on approach and clear understanding of our business. Their strategic insights and dedication were invaluable during our strongest growth years all the way through to acquisition.

    Leslie Muller, CTO


  • StefanGroschupf_headshot

    Next World Capital has been a great partner since day one.  Their deep understanding of Big Data technology and go-to-market expertise have been incredibly valuable to our global expansion strategy and next phase of growth.

    Stefan Groschupf, CEO


  • Dave-Kellogg-CEO

    Next World Capital takes a strikingly thoughtful, in-depth approach to understanding focused sectors and how to build great companies in them. They’re experts at helping companies rapidly scale during the expansion stage, and they have an impressive track record in SaaS. That makes NWC invaluable to me as we grow the next great category leader.

    Dave Kellogg, CEO

    Host Analytics

  • JohnThompson

    Next World Capital has a well-established track record of success with enterprise IT start-ups. With an in-depth understanding of the value our technology provides they have been a thoughtful advisor in helping us build a great company. In particular, as we look to expand our business into new markets around the world they have introduced us to other portfolio companies and have given us access to their broad industry network.

    John Thompson, CEO

    Virtual Instruments

  • RomanStanek

    What we value most at Next World Capital is their enterprise acumen as well as their intimate knowledge of global dynamics. As we grow GoodData internationally, their insight and knowledge continue to be invaluable to our success.

    Roman Stanek, CEO


  • OmerArtun

    When we decided on the best investors for AgilOne, Next World Capital stood out with their deep understanding of our market as well as their strong SaaS track record. They have been great partners and their expansion-stage focus and expertise have been very valuable to our rapid growth, both domestically and in Europe.

    Omer Artun, Ph.D, CEO


The Next World Difference

  • Early revenue stage focus and expertise for massive scale

  • European expansion platform for international leadership

  • Rigorous strategic and thematic approach for better insights and value-add

San Francisco Office