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Next World Capital is the only U.S. venture capital firm operating a
comprehensive European expansion platform to help the most promising
U.S. enterprise tech companies become global leaders.
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For enterprise technology companies accelerating into the early-revenue stage, international growth is typically one of the top priorities of CEOs. With the global enterprise tech buying landscape increasingly flat, emerging U.S. leadership companies are being pulled international earlier than ever before by tremendous global opportunity and competitive pressures. For almost all U.S. enterprise tech companies, Europe is the most logical and attractive next market they want to target, with roughly 30% of global IT spending and 25% of the Global2000.


This CEO imperative is a perfect match with Next World Capital’s unique value-add as the only U.S. venture capital firm operating a comprehensive European Expansion Platform to help its companies access and grow in Europe.


Next World Capital’s clear differentiation provides a valuable competitive advantage for its companies and a specialized skill set complementary to those of the top-tier early-stage investors. In addition to its headquarters in San Francisco, NWC has European offices in London and Paris, and an NWC European Advisor Network of over 75 of the top executives and largest companies in Europe.


Next World Capital’s powerful European expansion program consists of 5 components:

  • Which countries to target, and when.
  • Optimizing product-market fit for each.
  • Architecting the right sales model, channels, and marketing tuned to each country.
  • Finding the right partners for market access and local credibility.
  • Identifying, vetting, and backchanneling European leadership.
  • Direct access to top executives at large sough-after customers.

At the heart of Next World Capital’s European platform is the firm’s European Advisor Network. This highly-selective group consists of over 75 top-level executives, thought leaders, and decision-makers at many of the most prominent companies in Europe. These leaders engage with Next World Capital and this international platform to tap into the innovative trends, companies and technologies transforming the enterprise technology market worldwide. Our advisors also provide invaluable guidance, expertise and introductions for NWC’s companies with the global promise and prowess to expand to Europe.

As part of its engagement in Europe, NWC runs a series of enterprise technology Thought Leadership Forums in Europe exclusively for its European advisors and a very select group of leading enterprise technology companies chosen to present to them. NWC is expanding this proprietary network operation to the U.S. through its Enterprise Innovation Center, which gives NWC European Advisors access to the innovative trends, technologies, and companies emerging from the U.S.